Ensign Shipping & Logistics Richards Bay vessel is mentioned in an article on FTW. Its a great accomplishment that it is mentioned on such a fantastic platform. Please read the article below:

Transnet Port Terminal’s (TPT) Richards Bay multi-purpose terminal (MPT) has recently berthed its first bulk vessel discharging 10 730 tonnes of wheat.
The vessels carrying the wheat will be dispatched at an average tonnage of 10 000t with a 6-week frequency.

According to the US department of agriculture (USDA), the estimated world wheat production 2014/2015 will be 726.45 million tonnes – making it the 2nd biggest cereal product after maize with 991.92m tonnes, and with rice trailing in 3rd spot at 474.6m tonnes.

Part of the wheat import programme is reported to be because of the serious shortfall expected in SA maize production this year due to drought conditions.

Harvesting of the 2015 summer cereal crops will begin in April and is expected to be completed in June/July.

Maize crop conditions deteriorated significantly in February in parts of the large-production provinces of Free State and Northwest, which contribute nearly two-thirds to the national output, following the cessation of rains. Early forecasts point to a 35% decrease in yields in 2015 for white maize (commercial sector).

Although a resumption of rains in late February helped improve conditions, preliminary forecasts (including the non-commercial sector) point to an aggregate 2015 maize crop of around 10m tonnes. This was well down on the aggregate (commercial and non-commercial) maize production in 2014 which was 14.9m tonnes.

Globally, wheat is the leading source of vegetable protein in human food, having a higher protein content than the other two major cereals.

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