Ensign Shipping & Logistics heard the plight of the volunteers who were asking for donations for the refugee camps. These camps are the result of the terrible xenophobic attacks that occurred. This violence and unrest is really terrible and Ensign does not support these attacks in anyway.We want to thank the team at Ensign again for their fast action. Last week Thursday we asked employees to please bring in donations for us to take to the refugee camp in Chatsworth.

The response was amazing everyone was so giving to managed in one evening to collect donations that filled a car and a bakkie. Donations consisted of toilet paper, bread, blankets, jerseys, canned food, baby food, nappies. This all was received with so much gratitude it was really heartwarming to be able to give and hand over the supplies that the team at Ensign managed to gather.

It is one of our sayings at Ensign “more care than you expect”, and this was a great example of exactly that. The care that the team at Ensign has shown is fantastic; we urge others to please get involved where you can. Well done team, lets continue showing our community the same care.


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