2015 Budget Speech Summary

Ensign felt it necessary to share this article by ENS Africa on the 2015 Tax Highlights of the 2015 Budget that was proposed. Tax highlights of the 2015 budget proposals The honourable Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, read the 2015 budget to the National Assembly...

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Loadshedding app

If you are tired of not knowing when Eskom is going to cut your power, download this fantastic app on the link below. It helps us.

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Ensign tour SAB

Our Team got the opportunity to have a tour around SAB. They were able to see the whole process of how the various beers are made. At the end of tour there was an opportunity to taste the various drinks on offer from SAB. Everyone learnt alot and enjoyed themselves...

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Team building at Giba

Ensign had their annual team building event at Giba Gorge, Fun was had by all. What a great way to get your team working together and really getting to know each other outside of the work setting. Thanks Team and well done for being such great sports.

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